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29 Black Snake Road Salisbury, Ma.01952
 Book your school vacation reservations now while space is available.
Winter is upon us. Remember to wash off paws after walking your pet where there is any sort of salt or ice melt.
These may burn paws and can be toxic if licked. Just like us our pets get cold, their feet get cold and chapped.
Don't let pets lick puddles while outside these can contain antifreeze or other such toxins.
If it is too cold for you outside it is too cold for them! 

Ramson Kennel is a small boarding facility located in Salisbury, Massachusetts. For the last 10 years we have taken great pride in the quality of care our canine guests receive.

We have large indoor/outdoor runs and a large fenced yard for plenty of playtime. Our guests receive lots of personal time and attention.
We are equipped with back up generators so New England weather is never an issue for our clients comfort. 
We have over 35 years experience in animal care. We have raised, trained and shown many breeds of dogs , as well as having worked as a Veterinary Technician. We believe this experience helps to make your pet's stay a safe and happy one.
Due to the outbreak of different viruses in various parts of the country, we only accept dogs that have been in our area and out of a shelter for at least 3 months. We applaud the efforts of everyone who adopts a rescue dog but unfortunatley with so many being shipped from various areas there have been many outbreaks of some very dangerous life threatening viruses. This also includes puppies bought online and shipped from other areas.
We feel this is an important step in minimizing our clients chances of being exposed to such.
  We feel our clients need to speak with their veterinarians about their dogs risk and the vaccine available.
Even though you may not go to doggie daycare or the dog park, your neighbors dog may. This virus is very hard on old dogs, young dogs, and the autoimmune compromised.The vaccine won't stop the disease but will lessen the severity as well as the length of time your dog can spread it. It is two vaccines about 2 weeks about. After the last vaccine in two weeks your dog will be protected

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.